Commercial Pilot Licence

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Commercial Pilot Licence

Do you dream of becoming a flight instructor, bush pilot or airline pilot? It is now possible! Choosing alm Par Avion means ensuring quality training with an experienced team. For over 20 years, our school has trained hundreds of pilots who now hold prestigious jobs in the aviation industry all around the worid.

The privileges of a commercial pilot's licence are the same as those of a private pilot licence; in addition to be paid for your services.

Canadian Aviation Regulations

Act: RAC 401.30
Standard: RAC 421.30

Dual flight
35 hours (minimum requirement)
Solo flight supervised and Pilot in command
100 hours (minimum)
Instrument flying
20 hours (included in 35H Dual flights)
Night flight
Theory in the classroom
80 hours
Written Exam and Flight Test
18 years old and PPL
Medical certificate category 1
of the training:
9 months (average)

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