Ground School

Private, semi-private or group courses available

Ground School

Ground school are normally given in classes of 8 to 15 people, but are also available in private and semi-private sessions. You can start your course at the beginning of any module. Courses are offered on a continuous basis, 12 months a year.

Have you been a pilot for several years? Our ground school are excellent to remind you of the principles of aviating and the different elements essential to a good flight safety!

Theory of Flight
Basic principles of flight. Study of aerodynamics and understanding of instruments.
Airframe, engine and systems
Study of the different systems of the aircraft.
Air regulations
To familiarize the pilot with aerodromes, airspace, and flight regulations and procedures within Canadian airspace.
Air operations
Study of aircraft performance and weight and balance.
Study of all meteorological phenomena and weather related to aviation.
Study of the different navigation charts, flight planning and the different types of navigation instruments.
Human factors
Study of the pilot's decision-making process and all the interactions of human behaviour with the pilot's direct environment.
No prerequisites required
of the training:
40 hours (Optional)

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The ultimate flying school located near Montreal on the Beloeil airfield (CSB3). 8 aircraft at your disposal. Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 qualified instructors available.