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of an aircraft hanging between heaven and earth

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Live a unique experience of being at the controls of an aircraft hanging between sky and earth. One day pilot course, where it all begins. Whether it's for you, or as a gift, the one-day pilot course is an adventure you will never forget (talk to all our pilots!)

This course is suitable for all beginners. You will get acquainted with the world of aviation, experience the sensations of flying and learn the basic techniques of flying aircraft. The course consists of 1h30 of preparatory ground instruction, as well as a 45 minute dual flight.

You will have the choice to fly a Cessna 152 or a Cessna 172. No pre-requisites.


Preparatory course on the ground ( 1h30 duration )

You will study the forces that act on an aircraft during flight. We will discuss the different control surfaces that control and steer the aircraft, their locations, their effects and how to use them from the cockpit. Finally, we will discuss the various cockpit instruments, their functions and the information they provide.

Flight ( 45 minutes )

During this flight, you will practice the different flight configurations, the maneuvers that allow you to control the aircraft as well as two takeoffs and two landings.


You will learn how to maneuver the aircraft safely, both on the ground and in flight. During this flight, we will see the different flight attitudes as well as the maneuvers that allow us to control the aircraft during climbs, descents, turns and cruising flight.


You will put the theory into practice during a flight that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the region from the air. We will also introduce you to the procedures necessary to locate and reach your destination safely.


You will learn to communicate with control towers and aircraft in flight. It is obvious that this type of undertaking requires a minimum of preparation. That's why each flight is preceded by a preparatory ground course where all the phases of the flight, including the related manoeuvres, are carefully explained.

The flight takes place in the company of an instructor who will complete the training received on the ground and ensure that the flight goes smoothly.

Flights are conducted in a training area between the surface and 5000 feet, under the supervision of qualified flight instructors. Manoeuvres are carried out at all times within the authorized limits of the aircraft. The aircraft used are Cessna 152 or Cessna 172.

Flying School Montreal Quebec

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Gift certificate redeemable for a one-day pilot package with an instructor at either the Beloeil or Les Cèdres aerodrome.
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