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The Recreational Pilot Licence is a Canadian licence that is not recognized internationally and allows the pilot to carry one passenger in a 4-seat aircraft while the Private Licence allows the pilot to fly anywhere, carrying as many passengers as he wants and having the privilege of making all additional endorsements.

Yes, the experience you gain can be used to complete your training for a private pilot's license.

Any experience gained in one of the 190 ICAO member countries is recognized by Canada. List of member countries

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Have your licence validated ($45) at the Transport Canada office
  2. Obtain a true Canadian license, which includes passing a Canadian medical exam, a regulatory exam and applying for a license ($45)
  3. Obtain a three-month temporary validation that allows you to obtain a rating such as night, multi-engine or instrument.

If you have a commercial pilot licence, 350 hours of ground school will be credited towards the JAA ATPL. If you hold an ICAO ATPL, all your ground school training will be credited, but you will have to pass the exams.

In principle, in all ICAO member countries. However, since countries are sovereign, each may have specific requirements before granting the privilege to fly. On the other hand, flight experience is recognized in almost all member countries.

Yes, as soon as you arrive we will assist you in opening a personal account in a recognized financial institution, which will allow you to make bank transfers outside the country via your bank account.

No academic training is required. You need to have passion and be able to read and write.

You can start your theory course at the beginning of a module of a course (a module is approximately two weeks long), our courses are offered throughout the year and are rotational.

You can start your practical course as soon as you wish. The courses are given all year round from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week.

You must complete a minimum number of hours required by Transport Canada. The duration will depend on the number of hours flown per week, your availability, and your ability to assimilate the flight exercises.

Yes, wearing glasses will not penalize you for getting a Private, Professional or your Class 1 license. There are some specific exceptions. (Like everyone else, you will have to pass a medical with a Transport Canada accredited physician)

Too young!!! You can start your flying course at any age but the student pilot licence is only issued at the age of 14. Then you can get your Recreational Pilot Permit at 16 and finally the Private Pilot License at 17. For those who are not 18 years old, you will need a letter signed by one of the parents.

Too old??? If you are passionate about flying and can pass your medical, you are not too old.

You must undergo a medical examination by a Transport Canada accredited physician, who will determine if you meet the requirements. The basic principle is that if you do not have any known illness that could manifest itself in flight and thus compromise the safety of your passengers and yourself, you should be fit to obtain your medical.

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